High-converting, SEO-optimized comparison pages for SaaS

Steal ready-to-buy leads from your competitors. Show users you’re their best option with comparison pages built to rank, persuade, and convert.


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“How is your product different from your competitors?”

That’s what your leads ask themselves as they browse your site

With tons of alternatives they can choose from, people have a hard time understanding what makes your product unique.

Stack Against helps you answer their questions with compelling clarity.

Leads visit your site

A Stack Against comparison page helps you…

Attract warm hot and on fire leads 01

Attract warm, hot, and “on fire” leads

Get in front of people who need a product like yours — and need it now.

Convert more of your ideal customers 01

Convert more of your ideal customers

Clearly show how your product is the best fit for your best-fit buyers.

Move the right people to action 01

Persuade the right leads to take action

Remove last minute objections and get more sign ups.

Dave Rogenmoser

The team at Stack Against has a very particular approach to writing “alternative to” pages. I haven’t seen anyone work so hard on getting the competitive angle right and making sure our visitors understand how Jasper is different — and better — than our competitors.

Dave Rogenmoser – CEO and Co-Founder at Jasper

“How did these guys become the experts at writing comparison pages for SaaS?”

Good question.

At Stack Against, all we do is “alternative to” pages. We came up with a proven, repeatable process that allows us to research, write and design comparison pages that convert.

First, we identify the best SEO opportunities to ensure you’re driving qualified traffic to your pages.

Then, we take care of research by going straight to the source: your competitors’ users.

Once we know how to position your product against your competitors, we turn your product into the obvious choice with a landing page that sounds and looks like your brand.

So how on earth did these guys turn into the number 1

Comparison pages work great for SaaS, no matter your stage of growth


Early stage SaaS with no comparison pages

Need to generate leads fast? Comparison pages are an effective strategy to get sign ups from users who need what your product offers — and need it now.

Smaller SaaS competing against big unicorns

Challenger brands competing against the big boys

Steal customers from the biggest players in your space — no matter how big they are. Slacks, Intercoms and Asanas beware.

SaaS with low performing comparison pages

SaaS with low performing comparison pages

Get those moldy, old comparison pages you launched a while ago to jump up in the SERPs and convert more visitors into trials and demos.

New innovative SaaS products

New, innovative SaaS products

Shortcut your way to product/market fit by anchoring what your product does in a way that’s easy for your customers to understand.

Trusted by big SaaS companies and the soon-to-be big ones, too

Working with Stack Against was a great experience. They estimated and delivered results. I want to highlight the team’s attention to detail and deep know-how at each stage of the process. Highly recommended.

María Fernanda Bermúdez

María Fernanda Bermúdez

Head of Global Digital Content at Aivo

The Stack Against team brought research and insights to the table that vastly improved our comparison pages. They effectively wrote copy and created layouts that were on-brand, hit SEO targets, and achieved messaging goals.
Daniel Reiter

Daniel Reiter

Editor-in-Chief at FreshBooks

I was blown away by the research and creativity that Stack Against brought to our comparison pages. Their work is really helping drive high-intent SEO traffic to our product.

Brian Casel

Brian Casel

Founder at ProcessKit

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