Our customers use comparison pages to stand out and attract their best-fit buyers

“We do hundreds of demos a week and at least 25% of them are comparing us to competitors. These pages help our Account Executives show why we’re different and better and it makes a huge impact. We sent a lead to one of the pages 2 days ago and the next day they signed up because of it.”

David Bitton – Co-Founder and CMO at DoorLoop

Case Study

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Cloudways signs +1,200 new customers in a highly competitive space, with alternative to pages


ROI in only one year


New signups from a single page

Over 1,200

New paying customers

Trusted by companies competing — and winning — in crowded categories

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9 pages done
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Our customers say

From that first comparison page alone, we were able to generate over 450 new free trial signups, and we converted 283 new customers. I knew that the comparison pages would be successful, but I never could have imagined that the pages would have an effect on this scale.

María Fernanda Bermúdez

Head of Global Digital Content at Aivo

The team at Stack Against has a very particular approach to writing “alternative to” pages. I haven’t seen anyone work so hard on getting the competitive angle right and making sure our visitors understand how Jasper is different — and better — than our competitors.

Dave Rogenmoser

CEO and Co-Founder at Jasper

The Stack Against team brought research and insights to the table that vastly improved our comparison pages. They effectively wrote copy and created layouts that were on-brand, hit SEO targets, and achieved messaging goals.


Daniel Reiter

Editor-in-Chief at FreshBooks

Working with Stack Against was a great experience. They estimated and delivered results. I want to highlight the team’s attention to detail and deep know-how at each stage of the process. Highly recommended.

María Fernanda Bermúdez

Head of Global Digital Content at Aivo

The way Stack Against handles research is top-notch. Most copywriters just write while Stack Against actually dives deep into USPs, pain points, and competitors. The research insights are super valuable.

Will Cannon

Founder at Signaturely

I was blown away by the research and creativity that Stack Against brought to our comparison pages. Their work is really helping drive high-intent SEO traffic to our product.

Brian Casel

Founder at ProcessKit

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