Choosing the right product out of endless alternatives creates anxiety for customers

Competitor comparison pages help buyers:

  • Understand what makes your product different
  • Add your product to their consideration set
  • Buy from you with confidence


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Comparison pages answer a fundamental question for your prospects

“Why should I choose your product over your competitors?”

People don’t have time to evaluate dozens of options and understand how each product is different


It’s your marketing’s job to do the research for them and give them your best possible answer.

They’ll still get their answers if you don’t — but they’ll get it from your competition.

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“Aren’t comparison pages biased?”

Yes, they are. But all your marketing is biased. Your comparison pages shouldn’t lie. They can shine a light on your strengths and avoid focusing on your weaknesses. But if you’re being truthful on how you compare yourself against each competitor, it’s OK to try and tell your best story.

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“What if my competitors see my pages and create their own targeting us?”

What if they create them anyway and you don’t get your chance to tell your side of the story? Competitors compete — that’s what they do. They’ll tell their story and you’ll tell yours. Then prospects will make up their mind. That’s what marketing is all about, not just comparison pages.


“Won’t I be generating awareness towards my competitors?”

There’s a slim chance prospects haven’t heard about your competitors already. What’s highly probable is that they already know who your competitors are, and even know of alternative solutions. What they really don’t know is what makes YOU different and why they should choose YOU over others.

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